A slow walk — down a new path

30 Mar

As I awoke this morning, it was a little more difficult to get out of bed with positive energy and enthusiasm.  Today is our 22nd anniversary.  Normally, I would make coffee, bake muffins and my husband and I would celebrate the morning together, opening beautiful hand-picked cards and notes to each other (which we have saved over the years –in the bedside drawers).  For 20 years, we had romantic dinners, shared with family and friends, and opened many a sparkling wine to celebrate  — just as couples would hope for on their wedding anniversary.

The difference with today’s anniversary is that my husband is now in an assisted living facility.  This is the first anniversary that I have awakened to an empty space next to me, a quiet house, and coffee alone.  Instead of seeing his smiling face next to me, I see it smiling from a photo on my dresser at a happier moment in time.  We still will be together later today and his happy face will greet me.  We will have a nice dinner and talk about the moment.  How blessed I feel that we still have each other in some way.

I am now walking down a new path in life and trying ever-so-hard to stay positive.  In my low moments this morning, I happened to open a wonderful thought from a friend’s blog that was the message for the day.  I would like to share it with my bloggers:

Dear fellow travelers,
  Thank you for your constant support.
  I have written about life’s path, to me, being similar to hills and valleys.  I know when we find ourselves in some valleys, they may seem to be far deeper and longer than others, and since we are all one, we all at one time or another experience both the hills and valleys. But sometimes when we are in the valleys, for what ever our challenge may be, it may seem that we may never get out.. but have faith….There is a promise….
  I had the 23th Psalm repeating thru my mind all week.
Part of one verse says,
  Yea, though I WALK THROUGH the valley —-
  I had never focused on the word  WALK.  It doesn’t say lay down, stay , sit down, or even run.  It simple says, WALK,  take time.
I’m sure we can also while walking, meditate, to think, to learn, so there may be no need to repeat the same valley again, but we do need to….
  MOVE and take ACTION.  WALK is an action word.  Do what ever the appropriate action is for us to do.
And the next word is  THROUGH–it doesn’t say circle around or stay in the valley, it saysWALK  THROUGH it.
And as we are walking,  we are moving thru the valley to the hill.
Honest!!  I didn’t say it was easy,  and sometimes the hill may not easily be seen, but it is there, waiting for us.
We must have the faith,  we are the ones to learn and to teach others.
We are here to learn and to teach,  and we are each others teachers.
And thank you for being mine.
Always learning.  and always grateful for what I learn.  i didn’t say it was easy.
Some lessons are more difficult than others for me.  But necessary.
Just Pondering,
Linda Patton, RScP,  ENTC

One Response to “A slow walk — down a new path”

  1. Linda Patton March 31, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    Thank you my friend, Peace is with you Hugs L

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