Married to Alzheimer’s, Living and Coping with a Partner with Memory Loss

25 Mar

Welcome to my blog: Married to Alzheimer’s, Living and Coping with a Partner with Memory Loss

My name is Margo and I am married to a wonderful man who was stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease (A.D.) about five years ago.  I have an MSW degree and had a healthy second career in the teaching and corporate training/coaching fields.  My husband, Ernie, had a reasonable retirement on which we vacationed and lived a comfortable life.   All seemed to be going well until an uninvited stranger silently crept into our home, our marriage, and our lives and created emotional challenges like I had never faced in my 55 years — The stranger’s name was Alzheimer’s.

This blog is based on a collection of journals which I have kept during this roller coaster ride of day-to-day living.  These personal  journals became my only friends that allowed me to “say” anything I felt I needed to say without any judgement during multitudes of turmoil.   

I faced so much of this alone and now want to share my experiences, learnings, and advice to help others who may be going through life with a partner with memory loss.  I will continue to journal my experiences on-line as I go through the stages of my partner’s A.D., hoping that I can shed some light to educate others in their struggles.   Each month, I will include tips, up-to-date information, and articles on Alzheimer’s, as well.  If you feel the need to share, I would love for you to be open to “talk” with me about your experiences — after all, we can learn from each other.


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